17 February 2012


You may be asking yourself, "What is this forthcoming blog about?" Honestly, I don't know really know how to explain it, but I know the answers. This is, to the best of my knowledge, what it's about and what it's not about. Enjoy.

Denim. Leather. Pointy guitars. Obscure bands. Live shows. Heavy Metal. Distortion pedals. Bullet belts. Dragons. Power Metal. Fire. Steel. Mithril. Glory. Honor. Galloping bass lines. Harmonized leads. Growls. Shrieks. Double-bass. Blastbeats. Spikes. Elves. Orcs. Dwarves. High-gain amplifiers. Mace. Axe. Sword. Warhammer. Runes. Tremolo-picking. Palm-mutes. Two-handed tapping. D-beats. Down-tuning. Dan Seagrave. Viking hordes. Pirates. Zombies. Orchestration. Indecipherable band logos. Magic. Technical musicianship. Spartacus. Band mascots. German rock. Trolls. Tolkien.

Metalcore. Mallcore. Emo. Screamo. Punk. Hardcore. Acoustic guitars. Singer-songwriters. Breakdowns. Tight jeans. Bluesy pentatonics. Jam bands.